Frederic Blondeel

single origin tablet - Peru Brutus 80%

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Fruity notes of blackberry with hints of citrus, black pepper.
Crafted with natural coconut blossom sugar.  Vegan chocolate.

84 grams - 1 tablet contains 2 chocolate bars of 42g each. 

Experience single origin “bean to bar” chocolate.

Handcrafted in our roastery & open atelier in Brussels. The cacao beans get selected by Frederic, who uses his skills as torréfacteur & the tasting notes of the cacao beans to decide which will be the best matching chocolate intensity.

We roast the cacao beans in our roastery to develop tablets with generous flavours.
Savour these tablets & discover their distinctive personality.
Floral notes of strawberry, turmeric, hints of citrus, the delicacy of black pepper, honey & peach, gingerbread after notes, sweet coffee, rich milk, ...

Pure chocolate paired with natural non refined cane sugar or coconut blossom sugar. Our 100% chocolate has no added sugar & let’s you discover its origins in its purest form. 1 tablet contains 2 chocolate bars of 42g each.
Choose from 15 different tablets, in 5 distinctive cacao intensity categories.