Frederic Blondeel

box I - 10 sweethearts

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A small treat or an endless pleasure? A tasteful token of love.
White, milk & dark chocolate sweethearts. Filled with caramel & praliné.
composition of selected pralines based on seasonality & daily production

10 pieces - approx 100 grams.

Gianduja is a sweet chocolate spread made of chocolate & lots of hazelnuts. It was originally invented in Turin during Napoleon's regency (1799–1814). The gianduja filling gets covered with a fine coat of milk or dark chocolate (‘enrobing’).

Sweetheart pralines filled with silky caramel. We create this guilty pleasure by heating the finest sugar up to 170°C to give it a beautiful golden brown color and amazing aroma. We immediately cool it down with a touch of cream to create the praline center. A delicate operation, requiring experience & a light touch. Resulting in a range of elegant pralines with a perfect balance between a fine outer chocolate bite & that surprising oozing liquid caramel inner.