Frederic Blondeel

single origin drops - India 70%

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Fruity notes of strawberry, a touch of turmeric, a hint of citrus & the delicacy of black pepper. Crafted with natural cane sugar. Vegan chocolate.

Our single origin drops are available in bags of 1kg & 3 kg.

Our single origin chocolate drops are the core of our métier. They define our craftsmanship, the powerful relation with our plantations, the unique bean to chocolate process within our urban roastery & open atelier.
Every origin has its own story, taste profile & specific roasting character.
They come in different varieties, from 55% cacao mass up till 100%. Slightly sweetened with cane or coco blossom sugar, or simply in its purest possible form.
They are a perfect fit for snacking or to create (cooking, baking, dessert, topping ...).